We would like to link our members together in various ways to make communities that you can engage with separately to RIAG.  This may be useful for you – to share local news – events – services – activities etc.  Your call.

I’m happy to set up as many groups as you want set up – and then members can opt in or out as they wish.


Examples of communities:


By County:   I can set up groups of Rebels, Royals, Cats, Biffo’s and Buffalo’s, Tribesmen and Yellowbellies.

By Age:  We already have senior teens and junior teens – if you want more – please shout.

By Interest:  Marina has a group of Campers/Hostelers –   There may be birdwatchers, Cyclists, Deep Sea Divers or stamp collectors – let me know and I’ll set up the group.

By Place of adoption:   Angela had  a very powerful Kirov Group set up some years ago – and over time some of those have joined RIAG.  Happy to set up a Group for Kirov and any other city on the Forum page – and you can reignite old friendships – or kick off some new ones.


Looking forward to hearing what you would like.


Mary MacCabe