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Feel free to have a look around – there are plenty of interesting articles on the site. RIAG – or The Russian Irish Adoption Group – aim to provide information and news of interest to our members, family and friends.

Our members are parents of children adopted in Ireland – from Russian and surrounding countries – and also children, teens and young adults who have been adopted – can be members too. This site changes regularly – so please do come back for another visit another time.

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Who are RIAG?

The Russian Irish Adoption Group was formed to provide a support network for the families of children -adopted from Russia. We know from the Adoption Authority of Ireland that there are at least 1607 children of Russian descent in Ireland and another 400 approx from surrounding areas.

About RIAG - The Russian Irish Adoption Group

Set up to help adopters [Parents] and adoptees [children,teens, young adults – build and sustain a network of friends who have international adoption as a common interest.   Our members either have adopted or are adopted from Russia and surrounding countries. There are almost 2000 individuals adopted from those regions and now living in Ireland. RIAG aim to provide them with a platform to engage or simply to browse – as they wish.

RIAG is a small not for profit organisation – set up in 2008 by a group of parents.
RIAG has a constitution and a management committee. The current committee is:
Chair: Marie Hunt.
HonTreasurer: Owen Wynne.
Hon Sec: Rob Jefferson.
Membership manager: Jennifer Reilly.
Communications: Mary MacCabe
Other members: Marina Doyle, Geraldine Kriegel, Regina Faherty.

RIAG has as its main purpose – the provision of a network for members who are adopted or have adopted from Russia and Surrounding Countries. This network can be for the purpose of sharing of information through parents events, the provision of social structures for parents and children – or other ad hoc activities.



Russian Irish Adoption Group

Disclaimer The RIAG Committee make every effort to ensure that any information posted is up to date and accurate.However we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of this information. In no event will any members of the RIAG Committee or any members of RIAG be liable for any material issued. Membership to this page is by invite only. The purpose of the page is networking and the well being of the members of RIAG.
Russian Irish Adoption Group
Russian Irish Adoption Group
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Russian Irish Adoption Group
Russian Irish Adoption Group
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Russian Irish Adoption Group
Russian Irish Adoption Group

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Russian Irish Adoption Group
Russian Irish Adoption Group
One of our own. We are very proud of Denis- and Kudos to his wonderful parents too.

Russian Irish Adoption Group
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Russian Irish Adoption Group
Russian Irish Adoption Group
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