Over in the forums – you will see a forum called ANA – Ana’s Network for Adolescents.


We would like to create a space that is just for Adolescents – and a space that you are happy to engage in.  You will use your own Nicknames – and be completely anonymous.  Once you have joined – you can chat away to other members and hopefully help to grow Ana’s network.

Ana Kriegels parents have told us that Ana would be so proud of this……and would love to have taken part in it – if she were still here.


Some asks:

Would love a couple of you to take a leadership role – and create some content for the main pages – either the public page or the members only page.    Any topics you wish. Its your site – so whatever you want to post about.  If you are up for this – please get in touch.



You are in now – but not all of the teens are aware of this site.  Will you see if you can get anyone you know that is Russian Adopted – to join?  Did you know there are 2000 of you in Ireland?  From approx 6 – 25…and we are now aware of some older adopted Russian Adults too.

Organise some events – or just tell us if you would like some events – and RIAG will PR them for you.


Send suggestions for other content.   RIAG are happy to do the research -let us know what you want to see.


Thank you.