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The Tale of the Firebird review: “This sumptuously illustrated book showcases Spirin’s (The Sea King’s Daughter; Philipok) nearmagical artistry. Here he adapts three Russian fairy tales to coin his own version of the story of the tsar’s son and his
quest for the dazzling firebird.”

Baba Yaga review: “Baba Yaga is a poetic retelling of young Katrina’s journey, capture, and escape from the evil
Baba Yaga, a traditional character in Russian folklore. Margaret Phinney draws on her father’s version of the stories
about Baba Yaga to thrill young readers with this lovingly told and beautifully illustrated tale of the triumph of good over

Baby Angels
Despite the age range given below, this is our 18 month old’s favorite book. review: “Ages 2-4. From the moment baby opens her eyes, baby angels, clad in diapers, act as her
guardians. They are her safety net as she climbs out of her crib, and they follow her as she toddles silently, unseen,
past her unsuspecting parents and out the door. Both text and art are sweet and gentle, yet they exude the boundless
energy of a curious toddler. Rendered in soft pastel chalks, the nursery and backyard scenes have lots of charming
details, and the multicultural characteristics of the baby angels serve as a reminder of our diverse society. A good
example of quality literature for the very young, this book will find ready acceptance in libraries offering story times for
babies and toddlers. Lauren Peterson Copyright© 1996, American Library Association. All rights reserved”

Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Russia review: “A rich and varied selection of old Russian tales that introduces many magical, memorable
Oom Razoom review: “A greedy king wants Olga, the beautiful wife of Alexis, the royal archer, and sends him on a
seemingly impossible mission. Aware of the trickery, Olga empowers Alexis with magic and awaits his return. An
overlong, complex, though well-told Russian genie-in-the-bottle tale, with enchanting but confusing illustrations – the
characters don’t change appearance after an eighteen-year time lapse. — Copyright © 1992 The Horn Book, Inc. All
rights reserved. ”

The Little Snowgirl review: “Caterina and Pavel, who want a child more than anything in the world, are delighted when the
snowgirl they build comes to life. But is she real? “Croll’s retelling of this beloved Russian tale is full of the simplicity
and charm that make folk tales eternally appealing.”–Publishers Weekly. Full color.”

Russian Music
Songs of Old Russia
Amazon customer comment: “I am 20 years old Russian …. It is not the kind of music I would regularly listen to,
however, I am glad I did get to listen to this album. It gave me shivers and tears of nostalgia. This album is a definite
retrospect into the enigma of Russian romance, courtship and chivalry. Treasurers of Russian pride and history will
have it in their collections. ”
Sacred Treasures – Choral Masterworks from Russia
Russian Cossack Music From The Urals

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