Anastasia Kriegel  [Ana to her friends] was a proud Russian Irish Teenager – and a member of our group for most of her short life.  Sadly Ana is no longer with us.  Her passing in such cruel circumstances touched every member of RIAG and every parent and teen in Ireland and beyond.  Her family and friends mourn her loss every day.

Ana’s parents – Patrick and Geraldine – have made it possible for the creation of this website.  At a time when their own lives were torn apart – they made a commitment to support other families with Russian Irish children.

At her funeral service [and in the published notices] the family requested donations for the Russian Irish Adoption Group.  The donations came to a sizable sum.   The funds raised through this extremely generous and thoughtful gesture [by the Kriegels] – were used to create this Website.  It is hoped that through this website – RIAG members and others will have a resource and a network to lean on.

At RIAG – we are grateful for the opportunity to remember Ana in such a positive way.  Geraldine and Patrick assure us that Ana would have been so proud of this Website and the benefits it will provide.

Watch this space for more info.   A network for Russian Irish Teenagers will be set up in the members section – called ANA [Ana’s Network of Adolescents].  We hope you approve.


Российско-ирландское сообщество по усыновлению гордилось тем, что Ана была частью нашей группы.  Она была активным членом, энергичной молодой леди, и очень гордилась своим русским наследием.  Она посещала и принимала участие в большинстве мероприятий, организованных за последние годы – и много ее молодых друзей горестно оплакивают ее уход.  Все дети любимы , но дети, которые вступают в семью через усыновление, имеют особую связь и связь с семьей и группой, к которой они присоединяются.   Ана была одним из наших детей – ее любили все, кто с ней встречался. Мы скучаем по ней и молимся за ее семью и близких друзей, которые в это время испытывают боль.  Пусть она покоится с миром.”


“The Russian Irish Adoption Community were proud to have Ana as part of our group.  She was an active member, a vibrant young lady -and was very proud of her Russian Heritage.  She attended and participated in most of the events organised through the years – and her many young friends throughout RIAG sadly mourn her passing.  All children are loved – but children who join a family through adoption have an extra special link and connection to the family and to the community they join.   Ana was one of our children – loved by all that met her.   We miss her and pray for her family and close friends who are in pain at this time.  May she Rest In Peace.”