So many people have told us lately ‘haven’t been to Clara Lara for an age – wonder what it is like now?  We checked it out – and it is a really good fun day out for all the family.  So good in fact that RIAG are going to have a day out there on Sun 11th August.  There is so much to do at Clara Lara that we want you to be there by 10.00 a.m. that morning.  It will also give us a chance to get set up in the same place – and have some group fun.


They have…..30 Acres of beautiful countryside in the Avonmore River valley with a Pirate ship, Tree houses, Tarzan swings, Rope bridges, junior Zip-line, dry Slides, Water slide, Rowing boats, Amphicats(type of canoe) Rafting, Junior Go-Karts, Crazy Golf.  Sand pit, Swings,  Picnic areas, BBQ areas, Picnic Restaurant and lots more! All the lakes are man-made and have a flat gravel bottom from 800mm-1000mm deep.

Please book directly with Clara Lara []  – but let Jennifer know if you are going.  BRING A PICNIC.

Jennifer is on:  087 815 9562  [after 14th July].

See you in Wicklow.